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Second Sight


Be Thou, my vision

Begins my favorite song

In church

God should direct my sight

I should set my sight

On God

Maybe to the classic hills

Where help does not come from

Though our mortal selves might hope

But from God

Who made heaven and Earth

And those hills

Behind which God will come

If God wills

The will of God

We want to know

We get in wrestling matches

So to know

But the outcome is unclear, as the child’s

Magic 8-ball used to tell us

And then we grew


God wills

It’s no fun not knowing

Inwardly, we might turn into fatalism

And there are less constructive


Is there a knowing beyond knowing?

I imagine so

But without genetic arranging

Or supernal training,

I must wait my turn

With the rest

Who want to know when heaven comes

And this be paradise


Or what to do about tomorrow,

As if clairvoyance

Or supernal understanding

Were a guessing game


If such, then such should be respected

All of us may pray, if we may

And we should,

Then use our best impulses

And instincts

Our best use of faith

To go through the day

Hope for tomorrow


Clarity, the better vision

Direction, as we know it,

And we have ways to know a lot

With faith and allowance

For the rest


C L Couch



Photo by Roland Seifert on Unsplash