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A Tired God

A Tired God


There are days when I think

God must be tired

They’re days when I’m tired,

Naturally enough

But I get to wonder

If a God is allowed exhaustion, too

I guess not

God must be always ready

Always perfectly to take

Though we act as if we’re bored

Though we want God out of the picture

Or the action for a while

When we decide

There isn’t anything

We thought so, must have been

Peripheral shadow


When we’d rather curse

Then speak in love

Cheat our neighbor

Rather than uphold

Destroy parts of the planet

Because we’re not certain yet

How to destroy another

Though we’re practicing

And launching


I think with all this going on

God may be tired,

If she wants to be

Surely, he’s ready to give up

It might be time for another conversation

With a mortal

About how many might be righteous


C L Couch



Photo by Antônia Felipe on Unsplash

Borghese, Roma, Italia


Mischief Intercession

Mischief Intercession

(not my place)


I hope she is okay

I pray she is okay

Like victims from a fire

That was our time together

I bear what I should bear

And should know more


I should not take the lead

Unless it’s time

That is the bearing of our time

Now fluid and porous

Like a dam built by fish

Whose instinct is to do another

I suppose out of desperate

Ignorance, they could simply

Swim into the opening

Thus making something,

Knowing from a spirit

(even zeitgeist)

That something has to change


I should have given more over to


We both could have followed service

Better than the pronouns

We kept separate

As in a box that will not open

Forget the need for opening to pleasure

And pleasure’s change,



Well, this was a prayer

Still is

I hope she’s okay

I pray she is


C L Couch



Photo by Bryan Garces on Unsplash


Hello, Kitty

Hello, Kitty


(an image of a tiger)


Isn’t he amazing?

I say he because the caption says so

I have no trouble believing that

The female is amazing

He sits among the roots and shadow

Of the tree


Resting or waiting?  Is he

Hungry or in love or meditative?

Is he tired?


What will happen next?

What happened?

I think he lay there for a long while,

A study in stillness

He stayed until he decided

What he wanted next


C L Couch



A young male tiger rests in the roots of a banyan tree, in Ranthambhore national park, India. Photograph: Chris Brunskill/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

appearing in The Guardian Green Light


Lysistrata Vote

Lysistrata Vote

(USA, elsewhere)


A comedy by Aristophanes


And a Spanish film

From 2002

(Thanks, Wiki-P)


The Lysistrata woman

Wages sex against men who


Want to go to war


She wins, averting


Between Sparta and Athens


And, as in all good comedies

(Classic, say),

The community is better,

Stronger for it


For her




For all shes who must be obeyed,

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