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Shrove Tuesday

Fat Chances

Fat Chances


You know, I think it might be

Mardi Gras

Crept up on me this year

Probably last year, too


Fat Tuesday

Fastnacht in these parts

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove another word for

Get the fat out of the house

Ascetic Lent is coming

Tonight we consume or share

Tomorrow we wear ashes


I know our cultures

Make much in making merry

Merry’s fine

Merry’s good

Maybe we’ll smile the smile of knowing

During Lent


C L Couch



Photo by Amy Syiek on Unsplash

Boston, United States

An early morning stroll through Somerville I could smell the donuts … amazing!

(fastnacht in German Pennsylvania is also a food, not unlike a doughnut)


Lent 7

Lent 7


A week from Mardi Gras

(fat Tuesday, )Shrove Tuesday,

Fastnacht that in

Pennsylvania (USA) is a doughnut


And the observance

What did we shrive,

We shrove the house of fat

Of everything extravagant that might

Distract us

From the discipline

Of remembrance and devotion

For the coming days


Okay, so what did we really do:

We might have had our fun on Tuesday

But who’s to say the next day was


It should have been, I guess

A mood for taking ashes if for nothing else


Though there was something,

Something not to miss

The start of a new season

Not as fun as Advent


Without the fire that comes with


Let alone the triumph that is



There is an odd coupling as well

Since spring is starting now in northern climes

There are signs

Today there has been sudden warmth outside


There are springs of a green kind


There are signs

Of nascent life

What shall we own, then

Of dust or seedlings?


Maybe we take both

To have a time of stillness and of energy

A quiet dynamo

Fueled for the change by fragrant remembrances

In growth


C L Couch



DeFacto – Own work

Warwick Castle water-powered generator house, used for the generation of electricity for the castle from 1894 until 1940


Gross Tuesday, Then We Fast

Gross Tuesday, Then We Fast

In USA (and elsewhere, though
The images I see are from my
Own), it is the time of Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday
(Shriving meaning to divest), or
Fast Nacht—a fluid season before

The dryness of Lent, a day of excess
Substance before lean Lenten days
Commence, if only in perspective

Here in Pennsylvania, we have snow;
But in the deep South, look out:

A French and Creole, native, Caribbean
Mélange of festival—a celebration that
In winter shouts, We are still here

And, except for the crime, why not

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