I talk you talk we'll talk






Is there a simple way to live

Without complexities that

Do not matter

I suppose that would be a start

What about what

I have to stay involved with




Car trouble

Clothing choices

What to drink

What to drink from

How to prepare food

How to learn to do that

Are these things that anyone else

Worries about


I don’t have much already

What few things I have

I’d like to like

I guess

Like the shape and texture

Like what it has me think about

Or helps me to think about

Nothing at all


I don’t know, what’s possible

So much is unsettled

So much is teased

So many things call out

Let us draw you in—we are

Meaning here

Join us

You won’t be lonely anymore

There are many like us

With us

Small prices to pay


Is this what it means to be a person

To face complexities and

Find a way

While everything’s a mess

And we don’t know how to clean

Because we forgot


Simplicity does not mean alone


C L Couch

Do Nuns Have Fun?

yes, they do


Psalm 29, a song wanting simplicity

Psalm 29
a song wanting simplicity

Innocence or stupidity, I want a simple life. I want my books and films. I want to write. I want a few nice things to wear. I’d like to keep my health in check. I’d like to be able to get around, not in an extravagant way. I’d like to quiet my ego by layering it over with love. I’d like a loving life. I’d like a faithful life. I’d like a life in which the Spirit guides me, even if that might ruin all the rest. Sigh, I’d like to follow God.

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