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a wintry morning (haiku)

a wintry morning

early in parts for winter

here and say morning



souls are trapped on Earth

not wanting release because

we like the cages



I’ll have Dylan rage

I will fight it ‘til I know

only relent’s left



C L Couch



Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Half Moon Bay Golf Club, Yorkeys Knob, Australia

A Crimson Finch has found a nice perch and does not want to share it!


Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven

(phrase from artist John Denver)


Kanawha, Nicholas,

Greenbrier counties


Earth gives way

To water and to fire

In the anger of the



Prometheus surrenders

To the whim of



Touched with the

Power of Poseidon

And sport-attitude

Of Zeus


We reach over gods

Toward better



Praying for the

Tendril touch that

Holds the earth

And sky


And all the heavens


Because on land and

Other West Virginia

Lives, an ocean’s

Upheaval falls


Drowning, splitting

The ground on

Which we alive yet

Strive to stand



West Virginia Flooding Kills 24; Search and Rescue Efforts Continue

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