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A Call to Worship

A Call to Worship

(could be read antiphonally)


We might not have thanked you

Recently for capillaries,

For all the things we cannot see

That keep us going, anyway:


The roots of trees


The tunnels through which

Things creep, which break

Up the land

To keep it porous


The ozone layer,

Hard to breathe;

The relationship between the

Earth and moon;

The soles of our feet,

When we’re wearing shoes


For what gratitude might look like,

If we could hold it in our hands

Like cupped water from

A faucet;

For the pipes set to reach the source

And for the source


For hydrogen and oxygen

That come together,

Making a miracle

Of molecules


Thank you for the easy and the difficult,

For everything that mixes up

To make our lives

And what we’re gifted with



C L Couch



Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti on Unsplash

Patmos, Greece


city’s strange noises (haiku)

city’s strange noises

source of which I’ll never know

feel like country mouse


(from stepping outside first thing this morning)

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