Still Life by the Window


The light comes through just right

And when it doesn’t go that way

I have the chance to

See it all tomorrow

Next to the air-conditioner lines

There is a work lamp

Good for reading under

There are eucalyptus branches in a jar

Actually, these vibrate

Challenging the lesson of still life


There are candles on a stool

A phone resting in its cradle

A coaster that’s a tile, promoting

Science in Puerto Rico

There are matches in a glass

Some English candy in an (English) tin

A pinecone


An ancient folding chair is folded

Next to these

(ten dollars from a store that whose

stock was old things)

Next to the jar, some crayons in a cup

Reminding me of color in the head

And in the world

No braces of birds or fruit cut in half

No mirror framed in gold

Or furniture I’d find in a museum



This is my exhibition

Of my time

The early twenty-first century

By now, many were expecting

Keys to hovercrafts next

To gloves for flying jetpacks

For now, the guy who few in Lost in Space

Will have to do

We’ll catch up by leaping forward


I have a corner

And in yours


C L Couch



Still Life with Grapes, Peaches and Snail, signed by A. Ruysch and dated 1685

Anna Rausch –, Public Domain,