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(x = space)




(from Psalm 23)


Still waters

But not stagnant

There is movement

Of the Earth

And provision by

Earth’s Spirit


The saints

And other essences

Provide gentle

And fulfilling currents

And sponsor peace

Beneath, above

Where water moves

And air

And all good things

For that we might rest

Beside the water

And sometimes go in

For cleanliness

Or fun


C L Couch



Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash



Slow Men

(x = space)



Slow Men


God bless slow men

(I don’t mean still waters)

Who are not evil

Who have sins in the past

And who knows

For the present


But do not move in haste

To rule the world

Or a part,

Who listen sitting down

Or walking ‘round the block


Who are not old

But take pleasure in

Slow ways

To make love

And have love, after


I might talk slow women


They know the wisdom

When to be fast

When to be still


C L Couch



Photo by Benjamin Smith on Unsplash

Rockford, United States



(x = space)





Today should be a restful day

There’s law in it

And lore

There must be allowances

For first-responding

Daily labors that utilities

And farms require,

And I hope they’re given sabbath

Time another time

Those who take care of us

So we might have time

To eat and think and play

In ways that still

Qualify as still, that is,



C L Couch



Photo by Liset Verhaar on Unsplash



And do I need to say this? (Maybe, if only for me.) Sabbath may happen on any day, as tradition or exigency requires.


Still Life by the Window

Still Life by the Window


The light comes through just right

And when it doesn’t go that way

I have the chance to

See it all tomorrow

Next to the air-conditioner lines

There is a work lamp

Good for reading under

There are eucalyptus branches in a jar

Actually, these vibrate

Challenging the lesson of still life


There are candles on a stool

A phone resting in its cradle

A coaster that’s a tile, promoting

Science in Puerto Rico

There are matches in a glass

Some English candy in an (English) tin

A pinecone


An ancient folding chair is folded

Next to these

(ten dollars from a store that whose

stock was old things)

Next to the jar, some crayons in a cup

Reminding me of color in the head

And in the world

No braces of birds or fruit cut in half

No mirror framed in gold

Or furniture I’d find in a museum



This is my exhibition

Of my time

The early twenty-first century

By now, many were expecting

Keys to hovercrafts next

To gloves for flying jetpacks

For now, the guy who few in Lost in Space

Will have to do

We’ll catch up by leaping forward


I have a corner

And in yours


C L Couch



Still Life with Grapes, Peaches and Snail, signed by A. Ruysch and dated 1685

Anna Rausch –, Public Domain,


Hello, Kitty

Hello, Kitty


(an image of a tiger)


Isn’t he amazing?

I say he because the caption says so

I have no trouble believing that

The female is amazing

He sits among the roots and shadow

Of the tree


Resting or waiting?  Is he

Hungry or in love or meditative?

Is he tired?


What will happen next?

What happened?

I think he lay there for a long while,

A study in stillness

He stayed until he decided

What he wanted next


C L Couch



A young male tiger rests in the roots of a banyan tree, in Ranthambhore national park, India. Photograph: Chris Brunskill/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

appearing in The Guardian Green Light


The Start of Day

The Start of Day


You give this to me, Lord

These hours and these days

I don’t want to waste them

And I don’t want the world to

Define waste for me


It is wasteful and so earns

Skepticism regarding definitions

Careless with money

Food (forty percent in the USA)


With nature and each other


Yes, I’m of the world, too

And so don’t escape conviction

But there is a conviction

And conviction

We can do better

I can


How does it begin—why,

I think with wasting time


Being still,

At rest and listening

Tempering what I hear with

The community I trust

So many things start right

This way


The Pietists had it right

Listen for revelation

It will come

It won’t be crazy

If it is,

Your good friends will tell you

Then listen to them


C L Couch



A clear description of Pietism is found in Understanding Pietism by Dale W. Brown.




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