Night and Day


I grind my teeth

But rhythmically

As if the radio in my head

Plays a hit parade

And my jaw drums along

Something to do

When on another boring walk

Along the lower campus

On a night that promised anything

But interesting


Now it happens in

The way that people talk about

That makes it a problem

In my sleep


I think it happens so hard that

I move my teeth around

There is an overbite, an underbite

A space that I did not have before

I guess that’s a problem

And I’m not awake

To enjoy the syncopation

As the beat, beat, beat

Promised in the big-band song

Or maybe something from a musical

Or the music that marshals characters

In an adventure film


What kind of protest

Do I not know about,

That my mouth must make

In subtext

Underneath the consciousness?

I should find out:

My goodness, life can be so strange


C L Couch



“Night and Day”

Cole Porter, songwriter

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