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Ordinary Invitation

Ordinary Invitation


A pale day

Painted in yellow

Talking to the trees and sky

Green and blue in perfect tones

Framed through the window

Because the house is old,

Tall and wide

In this moment, there is fortune

Lucky to be here

You’re invited—look at that,

You’re here


C L Couch



Photo by yns plt on Unsplash

Çatalca, Turkey


Crazy Boy

Crazy Boy

(get cool)



One word

Cat tails

Two words

When referring to the actual

Cat’s tail

Don’t pull at it

Cattails might not hit back

Cats with tails do

They should


That’s as much advice

As I have for you

My head hurts

And my nose


I know they could be the other thing

I’m hot from moving things around

And I wish I had all my pills

In this uncertain time


There’s sun today

I hear the virus doesn’t like the sun

If it had preferences

But also doesn’t like cool weather

So my MidAtlantic spring might be

Salubrious for a time


Cool, sunny days?

I could wish them ‘round the world

For health’s sake

Light for buoyancy

Of skin and spirit

Enough cold, not too much,

To relax our ninety-eight degrees or so



C L Couch



recently, I read about the sun and about cold air in two different places where I think crazy people do not write or otherwise contribute

I am not a doctor and don’t play one on television


“Cool” by Leonard Bernstein


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Fenton, United States


in a hurry now

in a hurry now

does this happen unemployed

sunny day it does


C L Couch

Poetry’s Consoling Touch


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