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The People

Native American Heritage Day

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Native American Heritage Day

(26 November 2021)


Hundreds of years

And last year

Too late

And, no, first families

Weren’t always good

With each other

We’re not celebrating


We’re hedging against


So much more is needed

Against the situation


Whites have caused


Is there hope

On reservations,

The better land having been

Cheated away?

I don’t know—do you?

Real homes for real people

Real lives

Real race

To stand alone

Or add into the melting pot—that’s



Give us a day

But we’ll need tomorrow, too


C L Couch



Six panel high resolution mosaic of the Cygnus region from the Butterfly nebula to the Crescent nebula. 3 hours of integration for each panel from a dark sky location in Spain. Zoom in for details in the various regions.

Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain


The People

The People


Centrist and moderate

The silent majority

The melting pot

The inexorable movement of a people

Because for all attempts to stop us

At all borders and with barriers,

We move

We are the most

Inexorably living, anyway

Maybe rudely, maybe with elegance

Bearing style

Or dirt from head to toe from growing things

(or both)

We cannot be stopped

Nature is with us


Insanity might say,

We’ll stop you with a bullet

Though before it runs out of ammo

Another force will kill the guns

Horror, shame, or for despots

Lack of profit


There is a story of a mountain people

I mean people who are mountains

Who look down on the plains

To see ants fighting without earning food

Or materials for homes,

For they cannot make the trails


Only one set: for warfare or for building

The mountain people are bewildered

And are always powerful

And now must contemplate

Relearning the ants or, failing that,

Clearing off the plains (for people who are

mountains it would be easy)

Allowing other species with the skills and

With forbearance

To have the fertile earth


Someone is watching now

To measure up the borders

All of them


C L Couch



Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Sierra Nevada, United States

One of the most beautiful destination in California are the Sierra Nevada Range both in the summer and winter.


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