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Native American Heritage Day

(x = space)



Native American Heritage Day

(26 November 2021)


Hundreds of years

And last year

Too late

And, no, first families

Weren’t always good

With each other

We’re not celebrating


We’re hedging against


So much more is needed

Against the situation


Whites have caused


Is there hope

On reservations,

The better land having been

Cheated away?

I don’t know—do you?

Real homes for real people

Real lives

Real race

To stand alone

Or add into the melting pot—that’s



Give us a day

But we’ll need tomorrow, too


C L Couch



Six panel high resolution mosaic of the Cygnus region from the Butterfly nebula to the Crescent nebula. 3 hours of integration for each panel from a dark sky location in Spain. Zoom in for details in the various regions.

Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain



(x = space)





So, Lord,

What shall we have


We shall have burnt toast,

It seems,

My fault

The coffee is all right

Except now the

Button doesn’t work

That turns if on and off,

The last

Of many things, I think,

That say it’s

Time for another

Will you lead me to another

Coffeemaker, Lord?

Or have an angel do that,


So small

And there are many things

So much larger

(the ocean is so large,

and my boat is so small)

But things push

The economy, I suppose,

And angels

Are your agents


There are clouds

There might be rain,

Perhaps a storm

This is your day

Because you made it

This is my day

Because my choices

Matter in it

Because of will

And degrees of determination,

This day belongs

To all of us

I wonder how we’ll own it

I wonder what we’ll do


C L Couch



Stormy Stornoway

Photo by Lachlan Gowen on Unsplash

Stornoway, United Kingdom


Fall on Your Knees

Fall on Your Knees


A new and glorious morn

For no reason other than arriving

Nothing special

Meaning all things are


Look for saints outside,

Dodging puddles

Miracles in coffee cups

Epiphanies while

Sliding on coats and gloves


It’s the oddest day, today

For being normal

It’s stunning and spectacular

For no reason at all

Except for what it’s earned

In being here


C L Couch



Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

West Hollywood, United States


Reading the Next Day

Reading the Next Day


Going back to reading what

Was written

Sometimes there’s little sense

Like looking back on doodles

Or freewriting

Looking back on other things

That’s harder

Talking with fewer people in old age

Means less chance for faux pas

Or maybe it’s reclusion


I don’t need a bigger pile

Piling in the in-box

Who does?


I go back to what I read

Having picked it up in the middle of the night

Because I wasn’t sleeping yet

And a story called

(I’m not sure who was more at fault)

When I return

Will I be welcome?

Will I be welcomed again?

I mean, yes, I bought the thing

But there’s more

An invitation

Riding like the girl who

Delivered most of the news

From Paul Revere

The book is here:

Will I take the message?

Will I accept responsibility for

Interpretation, then dissemination

Throughout the land?


You see, clearly there are questions

And there’s pressure

A lady or a tiger

Re-reading yesterday’s

New pages

In new hours

And then there’s what I’ve written


C L Couch



Photo by Prasanna Kumar on Unsplash

Besant nagar beach, Chennai, India

Books, most loyal friends.


If true, Ludington’s story puts Revere’s to shame, writes Valerie DeBenedette for Mental Floss. She “rode twice as far as Revere did, by herself, over bad roads and in an area roamed by outlaws, to raise Patriot troops to fight in the Battle of Danbury and the Battle of Ridgefield in Connecticut,” DeBenedette writes. “And did we mention it was raining?”


Feet, Do Your Thing

Feet, Do Your Thing


We have enough to do

It’s good—work a job, earn money

Make a home

Have a way to get around

Have life

I don’t mean to say that it’s enough

For now or for a few

Or for a multitude

There should be more

We know that

Take a breath

Inhale, then remember to exhale

Let something out that’s maybe been kept

Inside too long


Now, something more

Service is good

What we can do, we should

I’ll take an open door, a meal hosted

By a friend

Growth through a colleague

Or a stranger encountered

These are by someone else

By my own hand if not design,

I can listen

By hearing with all senses

I can send a message

To encourage

Like first valentines

For love of those held down

A martyr in a cell


I feel just a little rested

I’m still poor in most things

But I can do

When there’s gas in the car,

Give a ride

Level up the change at the store

As a donation to a cause

No one takes issue with

(or maybe takes, so what)

Take a walk and smile a little to the world

Is that hoke?

I should take my chances


C L Couch



Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash



the title, I keep thinking–I know (now) there is a song with it in the title; but I think I heard it in a cartoon or an old movie


Please Wait

Please Wait



I have something for you

It’s today


I don’t know if you need it

But please take it, anyway

No cost

All you have to do

Is wake a little

In barely an existential way


I don’t mean to pry or push

I didn’t bring the dawn

I’m only asking

For a little time


Go outside

Sponge up everything you can

You don’t have to return

But I’ll wait

In case

You do


It’s fine, I have a book to read

And I can put my life on hold a little

Because the time is worth it for

Discovery of meaning

And if you’ll have it

Maybe you’ll tell me

Maybe not

This is yours

All this is yours

It’s all for you


Redemption in small moments

Sometimes it’s the best

We get to have

An affirmation of a gift

From me to you


On behalf of

One who calls down the day

Each time

Until the last

When small becomes gargantuan

Each thing matters more

For being minor


Yes, I’m not a caller

Not a surrogate

Simply who gets to say, now and then

Yes, it’s all for you


C L Couch



Photo by Yoshua Giri on Unsplash





I’m tired, but it’s the kind

Of tired that comes from sleeping for

A while,

Waking up and wondering what time it is

The clouds and unspring-cool help

This along

But it’s not unpleasant disorientation

I know I’ll rise

And this day will happen


Coffee and toast,

The closest thing to routine

It seems allowed

A normal day, what’s that?

I couldn’t tell you

I don’t fear boredom but

I fear being dull

Like the poor boy Jack


Life should have sharp edges not

For cutting but for

Carving toward brilliance

As if whittling wood could

Somehow make a diamond


Nature says hello

Me, too

I hope we both cooperate

I’d like you to have this day as well


C L Couch



(smoky diamond, public domain)


Lent 38

Lent 38


Today must be the day

After a season of surrender

Otherwise, loss becomes a vacuum

Other things that we don’t need

Will come to live

Because nature will otherwise abhor

We cleared out distractions

Others are in line


But what do we want inside?

A virtue of busyness awaits

Preoccupations that are less than healthy

Frankly old sins, patterns of

Destruction that laugh like imps

Want to be reinvested there


We turned out the fat and sugar

Turn out some devils, too

Let them abscond with what they have

Escape into the darkness

Where exorcism

Or psychology might reach them


Some battles are beyond us

Some are right at home

The war at home


C L Couch



the chariot driven by Norse deity Freyja for whom Friday is named (in consideration with Frigg—yes, the chariot is drawn by cats)

(Detail) from the Fresco Cycle “Aus dem Sagenkreis der Edda” in the Neues Museum, Berlin. The fresco was damaged in WWII and abandoned until the unification of Germany.

(fresco by) Robert Müller, 1850




(stand alone or maybe work together)


Today is what I

Have.  Tomorrow is far off.

The wind will take me.


I’d rather have the

Cool breeze and warm air to take

Me to tomorrow


Will you join me in

Tomorrow?  We’ll need each other’s

Company today.


C L Couch



Dirk Ingo Franke – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0 de,

Buller, Erin (11 July 2008). “Capturing the Wind”. Uinta County Herald. Archived from the original on 31 July 2008. Retrieved 4 December 2008. “The animals don’t care at all. We find cows and antelope napping in the shade of the turbines.” – Mike Cadieux, site manager, Wyoming Wind Farm


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