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right-angle shadows on the moon

right-angle shadows on the moon


before the multiverse


the universe is infinite

all possibilities



there might be variations

upon our everything


through dimensions

frosting on creators’ cakes


a calculator without ending

solving pi

a Rubik’s cube offered of

galactic proportions


the other side of black holes

is an upside-down that we get used to

once we’re there

where Amelia Earhart

and the crew of the Mary Celeste

found solace

in their time

and what is time

when only numbered four or five

in a mult-dimensional count?


here we have questions


there are the answers if



go far enough

to find the portals

to what

might be

the multi-elsewheres


c l couch


20 july 1969



photo by nasa on unsplash



(x = space)




(for friends)


You know,

I write several things

A day

And then choose

One of them

Some days I only write

One thing

And I use that

I tell myself that if there’s

Nothing, then I won’t

Have anything

To share

And that has to be

All right

Occasionally, that happens

Not so often

If I have access to my

Small machines

Among them the device



I say this because

This is where I am today

Not quite Pooh Corner

I admit

I cannot do everything

I want and like the apostle

Sometimes I do

The thing I hate

Though I think it’s more

That I don’t do

The thing I want

Even love

To do


I could ask

Where is the energy

Of youth, that

Sweet bird,

Though I think we know

That energy is finite

Like the push-pull


And that we always tire

So we

Run the race we can

Then rest


I know

You’re at the

Starting line

With me each day

I want to be with you

We go

And if we’re smart

We’ll rest

When there’s been enough

Join me today

Won’t you

In the race

That for us

Is cosmic laced,

Spiced, intertwined

With spirit

(or have spirit

laced with cosmic

thinking the spirit understands

either way)

The cosmic race

The spirit race

The human race


C L Couch



Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma in the evening light

Photo by Frantisek Duris on Unsplash

Roque de los Muchachos, Spain


Romans 7:14-15

(Hebrews 12:1 et al)


Take Down the Cosmos from the Shelf

Take Down the Cosmos from the Shelf


It might be morning

Sing us a new day, please, O Lord,

And ministrations of the angels

Slough off dead leaves

From trees

And unliving skin cells from our bodies

Renew everything

And let all organic detritus

Feed what is living now


Maybe it takes more than miracle

To renew the Earth

Let alone start new life on other worlds

We won’t know until we get to these

Or receive their emissaries

Maybe in meteors and microbes

For a start


Is it all expanding,

Then what happens next?

Who’s to say it doesn’t slingshot back

To start it all again?

Or that something won’t be surging

From the center, once there’s


Like black holes we have found

In the middle of known galaxies,

Which might be feeding

Something that will birth among the stars

As stars

For introduction to new layers

And new ages

Bright leaves as pages

For stories we would have never

Otherwise conceived


There is some faith

And magic of belief

In all that’s startling

Ancient tome and

What is behind that

With a virtue and a prayer

We take it

Songs inside muscles

Here is creation


C L Couch



Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash


x + y + z + 1

x + y + z + 1


The multiverse

Who knows

Maybe this


Scientific imagination

Each choice spins out into a paradigm

With teeth

So that we have

In reasoned chaos

The universe of possibilities


Everything we think of

Dream of

Find in nightmares

Has happened somewhere

And is happening


A tongue to invoke

There is paradox

Irony in Oppenheimer

The godhead cited


Now we destroy the worlds

We cannot make

Heroes, villains

Inside tethered minds


C L Couch



Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 NottsExMiner





To understate,

The universe is huge

And there might be many of it

All around and through

Makes one wonder how matter can

Be dark as in absent

Where’s the room


But I guess dark matter is a substance

Of its own

Like tiny black holes that might be

All around as well (and through)

If so, they must be pulling matter that we know


We lose the universe we know,

And does it go to feed another

Body on another plain


And so they have such openings there

As to release their atoms

Skittering across astral dimensions

That might sometime land here


Is it all one give-and-take

And is there balance

Or is chaos confirmed

As part of the regularity, the normalcy

The paradox in making

In keeping everything together

While it all moves


It’s not covalence

It’s a dance

We all are partners

Everyone has a turn

Each one owns steps

And talent is in measure

And it’s all approved


Do you see

Whoever you are

However you’re arranged

And I can’t speak to aberrance

But someone can who calls

The dance

Does not control the steps

But gave us the hall

And bids us, as an invitation, to take part

In something wonderful


C L Couch



Honky Tonk Train Blues | recording by Lewis |





Sometimes I look into sky

There can be clouds

More viscerally when it’s stars

We see bucolic things

And we should

But sometimes it falls back on me

The sky, the stars

And if one can feel vertigo

When sitting still



I’ve tried to imagine it all

And it has smacked back on me

The universe, as if I’m told

Cannot take me now

Don’t even try

It’s not yours

Someday, maybe


You’ll know your place

And your way around


C L Couch



star field

(too beautiful, too much)


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