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In Kabul

(x = space)



In Kabul


Nine hundred twenty dead

Early counting

Now over a thousand

In Kabul


The Taliban has asked

With urgency

For aid

The people in the city

Are receiving help

From local sources

People, groups

And from outside Afghanistan


Other nations


So many dead

The faithful will mourn


The will of God

While they mourn


C L Couch



KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A powerful earthquake struck a rural, mountainous region of eastern Afghanistan early Wednesday, killing at least 920 people and injuring 600 others in the deadliest temblor…Read More


Photo by farin sadiq on Unsplash

Kabul, Afghanistan



(x = space)





Most of the victims

Came from Gambia,

Which is in


So if you’re not in the Bronx

Or hip to Africa

Or a citizen of the world,

You might think

Nothing to do with me

(with you)

But like the car tracks

In a race,

The threads around a badge,

The scuffs on any old thing

That’s round,


There is connection

The relationships go on

The consequences


The human race enlivened

Or withered

By what we do

What we think

You and me

Right now


Let’s look up Gambia

And follow news about

The fire in the Bronx

That killed

So many

New Yorkers


God take them home

While we mourn and

Work it out here


C L Couch



New York Bronx fire a ‘shock in our country’ Gambia ambassador says


Fire on the river coast, Autumn

Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

Ivanovo, Россия


The Rabbi Walked Out

The Rabbi Walked Out


I want to call it Thursday

Penultimate weekday

Some extra breathing

Room for action

‘Til the weekend mind take over


Issues realized

The work week

The weekend

Take the children from the factory

It’s taken ages,

And we still have a ways to go

For these

With older evils—slavery,

Sex work

The companies that say

You do not matter

We will use you ‘til you’re done

And then some more

Then forget you were ever here


We’re civilized, we say

But it’s a rounded apex

On a shifting base

Where evils

Slide like scorpions

Ancient riddles

We have left unanswered

While those of us who could

Have climbed

Set flags

And hope that they will stand

Until we’re gone


For the rest who stay

One generation to the other

Today should be the day

We stay for freedom


Start a resistance

Ask for help

Steal the technology for reaching

Count the cost

Each one has value

Lose until we’ve won


C L Couch



(the Rabbi mystery series by Harry Kemelman)


Photo by Marie Bellando-Mitjans on Unsplash

Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany


Spray-Painted World

Spray-Painted World


Victims get so tired,

And they cannot sleep


They have night enough to say

To themselves, who wants it

Where is the day that offers

Vitamins and company with

Expressions on faces we can see?

Beaten from outside

Or deep within

One might be a consequence of

The other

How to find the lowest rung

When certain clouds and darkness

Have an agenda to obliterate

All hope in rising,

I don’t know

As in I can’t guarantee

I can say try, try it to myself as well

Dodge the stroke of perpetration

Push away the smoke,

Ignore the mirrors

Rise above ignominy and presupposed

Punishment from sin that

Circulates, unclaimed, looking for a


(while we’re made of adhesive

you know the childish insult)

Turn a better word to action

Reach for the saving step

To start

It’s there


C L Couch



Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Just Mad




(Homer, Aeschylus)



Leader of the Greek forces

That went to war against Troy

He won a victory

He sacrificed his daughter for safe passage

From a god

And brought a prophet back to Greece

As a trophy and a mistress

The antique word and calling, concubine


His wife would dominate the next act

In a drama of her own

In which he would finally become the victim

The real accomplishment he’d earned


C L Couch



By Travelling Runes –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The Mykonos vase (750 to 650 BC), with one of the earliest known renditions of the Trojan Horse. (Note the depiction of the faces of hidden warriors shown on the horse’s side.)


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