I talk you talk we'll talk






When I say I

Do I mean you?

I think so

Better, I mean we,

Which is why to write this down

Oh, there’s an aiming for

Catharsis, I suppose

Even the wonderment in sharing

Engagement, interaction

Argument of the classical kind

We are dealing in close matters,

After all


But this can’t be exercise for me

No, not nearly enough

I’d keep it and never let it out

There is or should be a need to catch it

An interest in lifting the glove

I will do what I can

And hope you’ll join me in the yard

Where we can wad this up

Listen to it krinkle

Who knows, there might be have some weight

To throw it like a ball


It shouldn’t stove our fingers

Not for that reason


We can play catch until

It’s time to go inside

Where I’ll write something new

You can, too

I won’t persuade you

We’ll have more to talk about

And more with which to play


C L Couch



BTS Pop Store, Paris, France

Photo by Rots Marie-Hélène on Unsplash





Who has no voice

Has had it taken away


We cry when born

We speak into the world


Who might grab that

With metal hands

And plastic intention


Our first talent


Who has nothing

Will take yours, take



Save for the parable

And prophecy of Nathan

In which one who has

Too much

Takes more


Takes yours, takes mine


C L Couch

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