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God’s Particles

God’s Particles


What if they can dance

On the head of a pin

Would you

I’d like to think I might


What if they are atomic, subatomic

Then they could dance with partners of

Orbiting electrons

The matter, light and dark, of the universe theirs

While the music set by God

Plays on

It’s blood circulation to us

Its own miracle


For them, it is the reason

They were made

Missives in themselves

Stepping to the rhythm of divine


Will, submitting without thought

To a plan they can announce

With or without understanding

(their will is not involved)

Until all things are known,

And love will have the reason


In this moment doesn’t bear

In their slightest

Instep action


They dance, what kind of substance

And while they dance

The universe is delight


C L Couch



drew Roberts

4096 Naked Ghosts Mash de Roach on the Head of a Pin

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)





Slowly the manta ray

Unfolds and undulates

Descending, like an eagle


Of the air, through

Updrafts of ocean water


What it seeks I cannot

See, because its urgencies

Are defined so differently


Fill hunger?  Slake thirst

That, in water, I cannot



Or fly for delight in flight,

Ripping, tearing through

Sea currents, even while


Negotiating their fury


Can I fly as slowly as the

Ray?  Must I?


Two ways of asking this,

I know: Must I not?  Must

I not?


May I?  And, if so,


Will I?


How much of creatures’

Movements, I wonder,

Depend on will

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