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Prescribe Contemplation

Prescribe Contemplation


Forgive me

For a fat mind

And soul leaden

With lethargy

Crowding out the angels

Pressing leaves of better notions

From a wisdom tree

I’d do so much better

Reading these even if I can’t

Hear heaven’s language

While living low to


Unearned wings

Plus siren’s wax all

Impeding taller clarity


C L Couch



Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash


Seventh-Inning Stretch

Seventh-Inning Stretch



Help us

I think God will

I believe

You don’t have to

Not because I’m better

Never that


But because belief

Infects at different rates

Like a desirable disease

And some are never touched

Some are cured

Or forestalled

By degrees of nihilism


But it’s fair to understand

Faith as sick

The world doesn’t welcome it

Many take remedies, so to say

For me,

Welcome the infection

Feed the fever

Starve the cold

Once the heart is hosted

All other major organs

(yes those, too)


The wisdom of the world

Is foolish to believers

We are fools

To its wisdom


C L Couch



Mask of a fool dancer; Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl); North America department, Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Germany (Jacobsen collection, 1881)

By User:FA2010 – Own work, Public Domain,


Planet Nine from Outer Space

Planet Nine from Outer Space

(the sequel)


It’s out there

Will we see it

Will we be looking back

Before it hits us from behind

I have a name for it


Because more wisdom should not hurt

Unless a planet can wage judgment

On another


It’s relative, I guess

If not ironic


We look for something new

In outer space

While on the inside

Do we hear the cry for

Something more

On Earth


A cousin to our planet

A source of helps and agencies

If willing

Maybe not,

To make us glad we’re not the only ones

Who can say

We’re here


C L Couch



By Tomruen, nagualdesign; background taken from File:ESO – Milky Way.jpg – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Planet Minerva

Planet Minerva


Except for Earth and

Uranus (a Greek divinity,

Parenting gods as well),*

We name


Our planets for gods of

Rome, perhaps stabilizing



X, Y, Z—Planet X (not

Roman ten, since Pluto’s

Demotion) might need a



If (say it “Iks”) Ix won’t

Work for (new) planet

Number nine,


I recommend Minerva,

Imposing wisdom on

Our solar notion that we

Are done meeting our



(*finished here or read

the note below


And on a profound-less

Note, if Uranus,

Pronounced either way,

Still leaves the

Audience dying, then

We could take the

Roman form for that

And call it Caelus or

Coelus, more sonorous

In transliteration)

No Time for Corruption

No Time for Corruption


Hell, no time for disagreement

The Kurds need recognition

Identification as a community

Militias need discipline


If they’re going to exist at all

Iraq needs to find its center

If it’s going to overwhelm ISIS

And not defeat itself


What do we do, we from the



We have resources, maybe we

Have time, we have perspective


More importantly, we can care


Stratagems and de-stabling

Agendas aside, sixty-six persons

Died—were killed—in a bombing

In Sadr marketplace


I know we don’t know this place

We might not know how to say



But sixty-six


How many families is that


I swear, we should invoke the

Real Isis, god of wisdom and

Brother to the god of the dead


Let her sort it out, if we cannot

Find the wisdom in ourselves

W is for Wisdom

W is for Wisdom


Wisdom sayings, wisdom verse

Aesop, the poetry of Donne


What Winnie the Pooh never

Learns from sticking his tummy

In a honey tree and, before that,

Rabbit’s house


What is wise to you, dear one?

Would you write it down?  Or do

You believe in show more than

In tell?


Which means I’ll learn from

Watching you more than in

Pitiless, didactic discourse


I will look to you for wisdom


Other times in the book we know

We find out back—made of living



Bound in round tree bark, etched

By wind and ice, illumined by

Nature’s hand

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