I talk you talk we'll talk



Y is for Yep

Y is for Yep


Somewhere between yes

And a dog’s yip


A folksy affirmative that

Often belies


Impulse and instinct



Jumping under the skin

But we


Say something so we say



‘Cause we’re too busy in

Our heads


Mulling over possibilities

To be much


More than homespun

And you know


What might you say yep to

I already know

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Psalm 32

Psalm 32

a song when we are done


Lord, I’ve lost it all

Age and youth

Health and wealth

Whatever I possessed

Is no longer in my



I wagered life

And sometimes won

Gained much, gave it away

Squandered some

As we are likely to do


Here I am, and there

You are

We draw closer all the


With all that

I no longer have


Do you still love me,


The mystics’ reply is

Yes, always

Yes from the Lord

New Year’s Turn, a diamante

a diamante, inspired by What the Woman Wrote,

New Year’s Turn

We’ll drop
down gradually
a diamond-looking ball
in each shiny place around the world, where
it’s suitable to celebrate New Year’s Eve as style—and yet
in three-hundred sixty-four (or five) more days,
we’ll do it again in lights
for the new time:
one year

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