Good News Gone

(a response not in kind but in

its way from A Reading Writer—

Thanks, Rosema!)


There is an old Christian

Song at Christmas time—I’m

Sure such songs arise from

Other roots at other times

That serve this way as well:


Near the start, a word is

Given then repeated




Song goes, News! News!

Not good or bad, it’s simply



As it turns out, this news is

Pretty good (Mister Thurber,

You can look it up), though

The draw is simply crying



When was the hawking of

An event simply unqualitied

As news? When did we hear

News! and come to buy the

Paper from the child who

Holds an overburdened



We buy, we read, and then

We know virtue of the

Experience: happy, tragic,

Valorous, vice-filled


We wait to find out,

Withholding judgment and

News-buying, anyway


If reason proves itself

Through evidence, then we

Have an answer here


Wait, don’t rush, don’t judge

‘Til learning more—in fact,

Don’t judge


For learning stops with



Must I confess