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July 2018

A Season with God

A Season with God


I don’t know what happens next

Neither do you

Most of you

I know the lore

I have faith

I think we’re made for now

To think mostly of now

Which is maybe why

Heaven is so distant

And raked over with misunderstanding

Like planting the wrong seeds

Allowing the weeds to grow

Until the harvest

When, you know, wheat and chaff


Is there more to say

What can answer doubt

Satisfy speculation

Excoriate cynical perspective

The thing is that

All these things are good

Curiosity deserves an elevation

If security is surrendered on the inside

Outer life might wreck from time to time

Inside life rebuilt time and again

The surgery of synthesis


Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Like or as the words by G or S, this kind

Of time

Creeps apace

And should we not be shattered

By bombs or disbelief

The day before takes root

Today become a seed

Tomorrow promises a crop


Don’t leave it here

I’d like to meet you later on

And, you know, be met

When time is all time

All days all at once


C L Couch



Season Wallpapers 2 – 1920 X 1200 |


x + y + z + 1

x + y + z + 1


The multiverse

Who knows

Maybe this


Scientific imagination

Each choice spins out into a paradigm

With teeth

So that we have

In reasoned chaos

The universe of possibilities


Everything we think of

Dream of

Find in nightmares

Has happened somewhere

And is happening


A tongue to invoke

There is paradox

Irony in Oppenheimer

The godhead cited


Now we destroy the worlds

We cannot make

Heroes, villains

Inside tethered minds


C L Couch



Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 NottsExMiner


Cats and Jammers

Cats and Jammers

(cat care)


Cats is as cats does

Even for solid thoughts

We cannot consume

Though we get the messages

Naturally enough

I’m here, better not step

On me

Isn’t it time for food

I think you should pet me,

While I act with disdain

Lap, please



C L Couch



Jason Douglas

Public Domain



Visit to a Third Planet

Visit to a Third Planet


Who’s hungry

Raise your hands

Now those of you who have

Extra food

There are millions of you

And we’ll take it one by one

Find an outstretched hand

Take hold

Place food in it

If need be, help with preparation

Then be pleased to sit

At the table


Anyone who’s cold

Millions of you with extra blankets

One by one, gently and firmly

Place them



Anyone who’s thirsty

Is a bigger deal

Because we keep poisoning the water

But for now there still is more

Pass it out in safe containers

To those for whom

Answering thirst is life


Who needs shelter

Millions of us know how to

Build roofs and walls

And bridges that will get

Each one security

To home


Now who’s lonely

Who’s afraid

Who needs countries that provide

They’re here

They can help


Can all the multitudes

Nations and people

Provide assistance

Well, we can

I think we know

That we can

We shall


C L Couch

Welcome to The Helpful Art Teacher, an interdisciplinary website linking visual arts to math, social studies, science and language arts.

image (kindly) used with kind permission


Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon


I thought the pain would go away

Once there was treatment

But I can’t tell any difference

Is there a waiting time involved

Or did nothing take

Am I so used to having this disease

That it’s come to stay


Or is this something I don’t know regarding

How this is done (that

Would not be hard to believe)


We get better as we do

And outside cures will only go so far

The rest of us needs kindness of a different



I lose my way

I have to find it back up to the

Surface of my life

For, like Rich, I have been diving

In the ruins


Rise away from the crusty, false part that


Will take away in time



I mean the part that touches upon Earth

And twirls inside the sky

That breathes in and then enjoys some healthy



C L Couch


(Adrienne Rich, “Diving into the Wreck”)



Trinity United Methodist Church, Ballard’s Saturday Soup: Every month a team from QAUMC heads up to Ballard to make a meal in support of Trinity UMC’s Saturday Soup; sometimes serving just a couple of dozen people, sometimes feeding well over 100.


Planet Nine from Outer Space

Planet Nine from Outer Space

(the sequel)


It’s out there

Will we see it

Will we be looking back

Before it hits us from behind

I have a name for it


Because more wisdom should not hurt

Unless a planet can wage judgment

On another


It’s relative, I guess

If not ironic


We look for something new

In outer space

While on the inside

Do we hear the cry for

Something more

On Earth


A cousin to our planet

A source of helps and agencies

If willing

Maybe not,

To make us glad we’re not the only ones

Who can say

We’re here


C L Couch



By Tomruen, nagualdesign; background taken from File:ESO – Milky Way.jpg – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,






I like music of all kinds

Which is not to say I like all songs

Especially the ones that yell at me

I can do without


It’s better to be in the room, I guess

Certainly for jazz

But either way I hear

Barber’s Adagio for Strings

I want to weep



Listening to gospel music on the radio

I can get two stations

One I think is broadcast from the fifties

One is from my time but

Comes in fuzzy

I think I’ll go with fuzzy to


Listen (fuzzily) to

Contemporary Christian

Except when it yells at me

Then I’m not sure it’s

Anybody’s Christian



Party on






C L Couch



a close-up of a Time-coded vinyl record by Jason Ruck


in a hurry now

in a hurry now

does this happen unemployed

sunny day it does


C L Couch

Poetry’s Consoling Touch





I feel old and useless

Too much pain inside and

From the world

Like the Quixote, then,

I might read too many romances

Find a pink horse

And ride off into windmills

Any Panzas wishing to apply

Will have ‘til my departure

For an interview


C L Couch



photograph by Cathy Birdsong Dutchak

(gratefully) used with kind permission, where she is blogging now, attribution (link) for the windmill image

in search of a thousand cafés (her blog title that grabbed me)


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