Old Dachshund Likes a Belly Rub



To my blogger friends and other friends—

I’m sorry I’ve been out of contact for a little while.  A number of things came together to drain my energy and health and time.  I traveled to my sister’s to care for her old dogs while she and her husband went out of the country for a while.  I’ve been suffering with a physical challenge that is painful and making it too hard to sleep (meaning often I don’t).  And the national election (my nation’s) has been greatly troubling and dis-spiriting, too.

Anyway, my sister and brother-in-law are returning soon.  I will visit with them for a time and simply pet the dogs.  And go to urgent care, if need be.

I should return to blogging daily shortly.  I have much reading and corresponding to catch up with (which with to up the catch).  Of course, our past (static) posts can still speak, can’t they?

Happy World Philosophy Day.  And in the USA at least it’s also Fast Food day.  I wonder how my country might be inflicted with fast food philosophy.

Well, I wish for happier days for all.

Thank you,

C L (Christopher) Couch



Old Dachshund Likes a Belly Rub


On his back because

I rolled him there


All the bumps with age

(No cosmetic surgery, dear),

The little legs are



I rub your chest minus

The Vapo-Rub


You seem pleased, if

Sussing grunts and moans is

In my ken—nearly


A hundred of my years,

Though you age

In the same way


These are the clues:

Bright, wet eyes and nose


To amend my terror that

You’ll die this day

While in my care




He sleeps (a daily,

Mortal sleep)

Under a blanket

The edge of

Which he likes to

Toss over the

Head, a ritual still

All his own


C L Couch