It’s the day before the night

The day

We accrue and also let go


We work then must retire so that

In new time, it all might give


It’s not a game, though everyone

Can win

Each one chooses

Each one gets involved

A family, however it’s

Constructed (one, two, how many)


A job

Bringing together love and money

Not mistaking either for the

The other


A home, which might have a roof of slate

Or wood or stone or maybe only



We live and move and have our being

We give

We get

We give

One cycle that is good and bears repeating

Risking boredom in redundancy,

Which will not happen



A quiet night

Somehow without the noise of war

Lights in the snow

Subdued contributions from a hopeful

Color wheel


And a notion free from one sect

For a time

Believe or not



Receive more simply

Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas


C L Couch


(image from AccuWeather, 2009)