if we don’t care when we get there

detours can be interesting

we might not know exactly where we’re going


and so find ourselves in something


and it’s not a jungle


we’re still on roads or, if walking, on paths

we’ll still see houses, trees marching

to greet us

maybe around the bend, we’d like to find

a castle in a wild place

a dragon perched atop, looking to tilt

fang against spar not for life but for

local reputation,

bragging rights at the public house


the thing about the road less traveled

is that others have traveled it

we can go it alone

singing Sinatra like a mantra


but everything’s been trod, everything’s a trail

explored many times by pilgrims

owning a variety of causes

we go to see what has befallen

to know what has been


in new combinations


and in company

I believe

Is best


C L Couch



path in Taiwan

Taiping Mountain Path in Taiwan

Image credit: Justin Jones