The Temple on Pot-Bellied Hill

(built and carved before the wheel)


We would not go inside


We built and then retreated

Outside the presence of it

As God came in more and more

To dwell

We ate our meat close by

So that we could build again

These were our days


It’s what we did and what we knew

And there was little more

We built because

The God would have it so

We were commanded without words

Only with the knowing

That it must be so

And more and more


God came to dwell

We weakened, and we died

And still the temple rose


The last of us will finish it

God’s house

God’s cave above the ground

God’s palace in a desert place

To reign over scorpions

Rocks and sand

Snakes and

Predators who fly

Or those who seek the carrion

After another’s kill


This will be God’s place

We will move on


C L Couch



Cradle of the Gods, National Geographic Channel.  All about Göbekli Tepe.

(image at)