(congratulations to the groundhog Phil from Punxsutawney, who did not see his shadow today, auguring an early spring)



A (Classic) Comedy Tonight


It’s a cinematic day

When I will look too closely

At items on the corner of

The table

Or on the kitchen counter

As a cut

A camera angle

A quick shot in a movie

A montage

Of textures, surfaces, light

And shadow:


Of orange peelings in a paper towel

A clear, squat square canister of cottonballs

By the bathroom sink

Winter sunshine slanting over the tabletop

Illuminating piles of books

I mean to read


There’s a setting

And a set

And how it’s dressed


Maybe I’ll find something

On television

Maybe in a book

I mean to read


Something with good guys, maybe

Bad guys


Easily identified

So that I know who’s who

Whom to cheer on

To celebrate

(could be everyone)

When the final conflicts are resolved

Cue catharsis


C L Couch





caption: Miss Lily Brayton./As “Rosalind” in “As You Like It.” [sic]