22 April


A day for Earth

Earth needs more

But this day will celebrate blue and green

Land and sky

Water and oxygen

And that’s good

We need these

Good to be reminded

The villains will eschew

Hide in dark offices

Under the glare of artificiality


They will glare

Undoing the planet

Fracking off the layers

Mismanaged draining of oil

Allowing poorly valved

Pits of natural gas

To explode


Believing plastic washes away

Far from the profit margin


We cannot drink the water

Cannot trust the rain


Forests are gone

Notre Dame cannot be rebuilt

From ancient timber

What we have has not grown tall enough


This is the world

It is ours

What have we done

What will we do


Answers to questions

They are there

Ask the scientists

Ask the faithful

Ask the Earth

It knows

It’s always known

Not to say it’s sentient

I don’t know

But it is impulsive

Knows how to react

Knows how to share the virtue

In recleansing


Another world won’t save us

This is what we have


C L Couch



“Earth seen from the Moon” by Petr Ginz.

Petr Ginz – http://personalstoriesfromtheholocaust.weebly.com/petr-ginz.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37616368