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Onces and Futures


I used to have a script

It wasn’t very good

Stitched-together parts

Of B-movies and what

I overheard

I could have used

A mentor, you know, a

Merlin—but then

There’s expectation

What do I bring

But nothing, what will I

Find but everything

That is the rule of Camelot

And the crystal cave

I would have

Done my homework, I believe

Looked forward to

Some lessons while

Slogging through the rest

I would have

Listened, such as a young one


But that was an age

And several castles ago,

Each castle dwindling

Until only one

Remains and then only

The tower made of gray, weathered

Stone but standing firm

Through what we call

Good bones

And there might be

A teacher inside, still

Good morning,



C L Couch



Photo by Ian Simmonds on Unsplash

Flatiron Building, New York, United States

This was a lucky find, I was running between destinations on a work trip and spotted the puddle. Everyone else stood on the corner looking up to take shots of the building. I waited for the ripples to settle after people had crossed the road, then got snapping.


The Once and Future King by T. H. White