East of Eden


Earthquakes split (6.4,

7.4), volcanoes feared

In a paradisal land that

Has such virtue in

Nature and humanity


Anger of nature, the

Patron’s rightful wrath

For it has been a place

Of crushing empire, too


Or is it in imitations of

The west, of surrendering

Ancient code, ritual, and

Ceremony to impose

New rule of the

Incorporated world


Residents sleeping inside

Comb-shaped cells like

Unfeeling bee-keeping


Perilous excesses in

Manufacturing and energy

Production, making Japan

Truly like the rest


In the wake of nature’s

Lightning crevassing the

Land in whatever form

Is invoked, attitudes

And disposition are not

Enough to take on



Our neighbors need

And though we might

Cry that we’re not able

Or we are too far

No excuse is enough


Our neighbors need