I want soft things

To be protected

May we do that


Give puppies homes

And kittens

Take care of children

Until they care for their own

And, who knows, maybe

Us older ones


This leads to causes, I know:

Feeding the hungry

Safe water for all

Shelter especially for the frightened

Though everyone needs a home

Sue for peace

When we don’t have to

Rather than rattling for war


And learning

So that all might know how to have

A world

As well as how to hold a job




Don’t forget clothing

It doesn’t make a man

A woman or a child

But it makes our bearing in

The world

Wearing a relationship

With custom


Work, play, gratitude, reflection of the



And might we support the artisans

Those who make not only

What we need but

Enliven wisdom, reflection, celebration

Of the materials

We find above or under


Inside water or through the air


I mean manufacturing, you know

Not simply things for beauty

Though why we cannot have both, I





If you think this is


If you think I am

Maybe you’re right

Curing disease was


We simply had to wait for God

Before we knew that God

Was waiting for us


C L Couch



Mystic Island Vol Fire Co Sta 72