All We Like Sheep

(Isaiah 53)


Somewhere in a mountainside

Or on more flattering pastureland

(depending on the kind,

and there are many kinds)

There are some sheep


And someone to care for them

It’s not a glamorous matter

There’s bad weather and a constant

Concern for good grazing and

Good water

A predator from outside crashing through

It doesn’t matter what size the flock

The worries are the same


I want them to live

I want them to grow

I want them to procreate another generation

There is a purpose for them

Some purposes are docile

Some will be drastic

That is the prophecy for sheep

And tending them


They are often wayward

They might need something like a stick, not

For punishment but guidance,

Especially to reach and

To enter through

At the end of day

The gate to home


C L Couch




Sasin Tipchai

Amphoe Phochai/Thailand