(Old Poodle)


I have Old Poodle still

He’s here

And at the moment he is resting

He often lets me turn him like

A ragdoll

Like an organism without bones

Not even wire


He’s cheerful

Likes to nip my hand when I give him


Will go outside happily enough

And with more gusto return

His eyes are dark and shiny circles

As they should be

Mister Stephen from Hard Times

Might be impressed


Every now and then however

He looks a little lost

Not as if he doesn’t know where he is

But rather that someone else

Should be here


At least something that was intrusive in

His universe is missing

And the lack of energy and mass

Is disorienting

It’s Old Dachshund

Who died some months ago


C L Couch



Public Domain (no image creator credited)